This weeks task is to promote English awareness of British Sparkling wines.They must make a distinctive brand including a website and pitch to top industry experts laid on by Lord Sugar. 
Team phoenix appointed Tom as team leader, a fairly obvious choice since he is a wine broker. meanwhile Team Sterling chose Ricky as their team leader.
Both teams pitches didn't go smoothly, with the industry experts questioning the directions of their websites and adverts.
Lord sugar commented that team phoenix didn't focus on why people should buy the wine, but rather focusing on sales. 
It was then announced by Lord Sugar that Team Phoenix had won the task because the industry experts felt that even though Team Phoenix lacked direction, Team Sterling's video wasn't befitting for the task.
Ricky decided to bring in Steve and Jenna "taking aside all friendships". In the boardroom a showdown occured between the candidates over who was responsible for the failure of the task. Ricky defended himself by saying that in both tasks that he was project manger , and lost, he was up against industry experts.
Jenna is sent home "despite all the hard work", by Lord Sugar. Steve is given a harsh warning by Lord Sugar, that he must prove himself next week when he will be project manager.

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