Driverless cars could soon be the reality, especially in the American state Nevada, where Google has managed to get a it's prototype self-drive car approved. The cars safety record so far is impressive, this model a modified Toyota Prius has covered 140,000  miles without any accidents.This could be the future of motoring and with other car manufacturers racing to build their own prototypes, it won't be long before they hit the road. But will this really take off? Would people really buy a self-drive car? 

There unlimited possibilities to how far this could go, and plenty of questions as well. What would self-drive cars do to sports like F1? Would this put an end to drink driving? If so this could be a huge development that will hopefully put a end to the thousands of casualties of drink drivers every year.
In my opinion, this is a huge development and one day in the not so distant future, we will all find ourselves
owning one instead of our current cars. This will make the car just like planes and trains, were you will be able to just hop on and off no matter what your condition is: blind,drunk or incapable of driving in any way.One question that still needs to be answered though is what will happen to racing, will it become fully automated? This will change the sport's skilled drivers into programmers and ultimately it will be a race to see who is the best at tech and software. Isn't this already what F1 is about? 

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